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Make a Good Impression This Tax Season

Creating a good impression with clients is essential all year long, but it’s especially vital during tax season. This is a time to show off your firm’s talents and capabilities. And, not just the[...]

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The Consequences of a Cyber Security Breach

Small CPA firms have so many worries and risks these days. And, as we get to be more and more linked  through  technology, those risks increase. Before computers, there were no cybersecurity [...]

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Best Practices To Keep Confidential Client Information Confidential

Most businesses handle confidential information. Whether it’s employee-related or due to trade secrets or some other reason, companies must protect such data. Tax practices have even more[...]

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Policies and Procedures for Effective Risk Management

Businesses operate to make a profit. But, if companies don’t also effectively manage their risk, a lot of revenue can be left on the table. And, significant time can be lost resolving problems.[...]

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Ready For The Big Game? Remind Your Clients to Save Their Receipts 

Are you ready for Super Bowl 52? In just a few short days the Philadelphia Eagles and New England Patriots will faceoff in Minneapolis.

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5 Ways Technology Can Help You Save Time & Manage Risk This Tax Season

Tax season is here. Many of you are already hot and heavy into preparing the first round of returns for this year. For some, it may be the first time to experience the exhilaration and exhaustion[...]

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Preparing For Tax Season? Here Are The Top 9 Things You Need To Know

It’s January, so tax season is literally around the corner. And, if you prepare payroll returns for your clients, then you are already in the midst of it. Either way right now is a great time to[...]

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The Definition of "Claim" Under A Professional Liability Policy

Accountants professional liability insurance is issued through claims made and reported policies. This means that coverage is dependent upon whether, and when, a claim arises and/or is reported to[...]

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CPA Firm Management: Expressing Gratitude as a Management Technique

Expressing gratitude to the people you work with is an important and effective CPA firm management technique. No need for business school strategies—basic politeness you learned at the family[...]

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Covering the bases: Why CPAs Need Professional Liability Coverage

No one’s perfect. We’ve all heard the phrase. Inevitably, mistakes do happen and Accountants Professional Liability Insurance is the bungee cord that stops you and your firm from a free fall.

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