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6 Accounting Apps All Accountants Should Be Using

Technology has taken over the accounting profession. And, hold on, there's even more to come. A few short years ago, we didn't even know what an "app" was. (Most of us knew the term by its longer,[...]

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Why Accountants Need to Care About AI and Blockchain Technology

While social media and cloud computing have been the technology wave of the last decade, a new wave appears to be in the making. And this new wave, artificial intelligence (AI) and blockchain [...]

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Everything a Small Accounting Firm Needs To Know About The Cloud

Cloud-based accounting solutions are here in a big way. Technology in this area has evolved significantly over the last several years. Even people's comfort level with keeping both applications[...]

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Protexure Accountants Launches Risk Management Assessment Tool

 At Protexure Accountants, we’re committed to providing CPAs access to the best resources in the marketplace for assessing and managing their professional liability risk. That’s why we are excited[...]

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How To Use Technology to Avoid Accounting Malpractice Claims

Whenever there's a significant data breach, it's always huge news. Think Equifax and Target, to name two. Breaches like those can scare people away from technology. And, artificial intelligence[...]

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5 Stellar Communication Strategies For Accountant Risk Management

Most everyone enjoys interacting with clients. When newer staff are asked about the one thing they've enjoyed most as they've gained new experiences, it's almost always  getting  to talk to[...]

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CPA Risk Management: Run a Smooth Project from Start to Finish

Stephen Covey coined the phrase, " begin with the end in mind." And it's the way all successful projects should start. Knowing where you want to go and having a plan to get there is the beginning[...]

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Including Documentation In Your Accounting Risk Management Plan


Ahhh. Documentation. Everyone knows that when next year comes around, there's nothing better than a well-documented prior year file. Or, what about something that happened ten years ago, and[...]

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Five Billing Procedures for Accountants Risk Management

Keep Your Cash Flow Moving and Your Clients Happy

Billings can be a complicated aspect of your accounting practice. But, since they're the way you get paid for what you do, they're essential.[...]

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8 Ways to Let Clients Know You’re Thinking of Them After Tax Season

Tax season is an excellent time to show clients your skills and talents. And, since you probably have the most contact with a client during this period, it’s easier to demonstrate that you’re[...]

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