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How to Turn Your CPA Firm into a Facebook Marketing Success Story

Small CPA Firm marketing

Even at a small CPA firm, marketing is vital. It is what attracts new customers and also what retains existing ones. Every marketing strategy should have a social media component. Not only is social media free to use but it also has higher conversion rates than traditional outbound marketing. In short, you need to start building your social media presence if you haven’t started already.

With over 2 billion active users and counting, Facebook is the largest social network in the world. With so many potential clients registered on the site, it is vital for your CPA firm to start your social media marketing success story on Facebook. Facebook for Business offers many features to help you grow your business, we have created a list of some of the most important features to utilize in your small CPA firm marketing efforts.


Facebook Insights

Facebook Insights provide real-time data about who is looking at your page, how many people look at your posts, and how many people "Like" your page. This is quality information that your business can use in order to narrow your focus onto your target market. The best part is that Facebook allows this information to be exported into an Excel file, where you can examine each "Insight" (Total Likes Received, Total Reach, etc.) and use some basic statistical analysis to find out just how well your page is doing. Your Total Reach is what you must keep the closest eye on. This is how many people see what you post per day (that is, all the "Friends" of the people who "Liked" your page). Try to maximize this number by consistently posting content and linking your page to your other social media pages.


Marketing with Facebook Video

A common rule of thumb to increase engagements on social media posts is to include some type of rich media, either photos or videos. On average, videos produce 62% more engagements than photos. Video has changed the landscape for Facebook drastically over the past few years. Therefore, including videos into your Facebook marketing strategy is a no brainer.

This may seem like a daunting undertaking but in reality, it is simpler than you may realize. You don’t need fancy movie production equipment or an entire team of directors. All you need is a smart phone, good lighting, and great content. Answering common questions or sharing the latest industry updates with video is much more engaging than a simple all text post.

Keep in mind that the optimum video length on Facebook is between 30 and 60 seconds long. Viewers are much less likely to finish watching your videos when they are outside of that timeframe


Facebook Messenger

53% of people are more likely to shop with a business they can message directly; Facebook messenger makes that possible. Facebook Messenger is an important customer service tool, and customers expect you to use it. Facebook even tracks your response rates and times so customers know how quickly they can expect an answer. Although it may seem just like email, 73% of customers say they prefer Facebook messenger over traditional email. Facebook messenger creates a more efficient, streamlined customer service approach that your firm should be taking advantage of.


Call to Action Buttons

Since call to action buttons were introduced in 2014, they have become an essential component of a Facebook business page. Call to Action buttons are designed to help your audience clearly understand the action you want them to take after seeing your page.

From a list of seven predetermined Call to action buttons you’ll be able to determine which one you want to use, and which URL or existing content on your Facebook Page you want it to direct visitors to. To get data on how many people are clicking it, simply click the drop-down arrow on your button and select “View Insights.”


Bonus: The Golden Rule of Facebook Posts

The Golden Rule of social media marketing, also known as the 60%, 30%, 10% rule, outlines the percentage of Facebook posts that should be curated, created, and promotional.

The majority of the content you post on Facebook should be curated content. 60% of your posts should be comprised of articles from reputable sources and shared posts from relevant social media pages. The purpose of curated content is to keep followers engaged but also to build credibility through relating yourself to other respected pages. 

The next piece of the golden rule is 30% created content. Created content can consist of blog posts, new letters, videos, and other original content created by your CPA firm.

The last portion of the golden rule is 10% promotional content. This content is strictly designated to promote your services. In total only 40% (30% created plus 10% promotional) of content on your Facebook page should be about your firm. The purpose of social media is to create relationships and no one wants to create a relationship with someone who only talks about themselves.


Becoming a Facebook marketing success is a gradual process for a small business, and especially a small CPA firm. There are not going to be 1,000 likes the first day you create your page, but eventually the work you put in to building and promoting your Facebook page will pay off.


Small CPA Firm Marketing

Posted by Emma Sepke

Emma Sepke is a Digital Marketing Specialist who leads the digital and content marketing efforts at Protexure. Before joining Protexure, Emma graduated from Iowa State University with a Bachelors of Science in Marketing.